Workshop and communication-CentrE

Of course you can just cook in cuisines designed by walter wendel.
But we do understand this room, your new kitchen, as a place filled with creativity, sensual pleasure, meetings and communication.

Cooking with friends as an overture
for a pleasant evening.

w3  walter wendel

Sculptural objects

Freestanding, mostly monolithic objects with sculptural 

character. Authentic, often archaic materials such as 

concrete, steel, or stone. Usually combined with our
design or manufactory kitchens.

w2  walter wendel

manufactory kitchens

Individually handcrafted kitchens. Use of special 

materials and free floor plans. Device selection usually brands as Gaggenau, V-Zug, up to the gastronomic top offer.

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w1  walter wendel


Timeless design kitchens from walter wendel, which enable 

cost-effective production without compromising on quality

thanks to series production.(material and hardware technology).

In addition to series products, combinations with materials 

such as stone, stainless steel or concrete are also possible.